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Where do the course fees go?

Development of the kNOwVAWdata face to face and online courses were supported by UNFPA with funding from Australian Aid. The program has been designed to ensure the course is self-sustaining so that donor funds are not required long-term, and that the course can be continually updated.

The online course in particular is affordable and accessible globally, and with a 2020/2021 focus on the Asia and Pacific regions.

Participant fees are charged at the minimum amount for the program to be self-sustaining and reinvested to cover:

  • teaching salaries
  • ongoing development of the course and course materials, including contribution from international experts and previous course participants
  • coaching of local and regional leaders to become mentors and teachers in the course
  • localising course mentorships
  • development of additional modules (two are currently under development: capacity building in administrative data sets, and best practice to measure violence experienced by children and young people)