We need to know data on violence against women in order to achieve no violence against women


kNOwVAWdata is an initiative by UNFPA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to support and strengthen regional and national capacity to measure violence against women in Asia and the Pacific.

The University of Melbourne and ANROWS are proud partners of the project to deliver training to improve measurement of the extent and nature of violence against women in Asia and the Pacific.

“Sound data on the extent and nature of violence against women is essential to conveying the need to address this heartbreaking violation of human rights to policymakers and organizations with the power to end it.”

— Dr Sharman Stone, former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls

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While the optimal delivery of the kNOwVAWdata course is in a face to face format over 4 weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions, we have redeveloped the kNOwVAWdata course content into a self-paced, online version.

About the course

This program initiative is centered around a four-week professional development course on measuring the prevalence of violence against women as well as the provision of technical support.


Read recent publications related to kNOwVAWdata and links to more information and resources about the initiative.

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Measuring violence against women. Telling the stories.

Putting violence against women data on the map

Course participant experiences. Story prepared by Maia Bamish, UNFPA Asia Pacific Regional Office and The University of Melbourne


The journey to measuring violence against women. Story prepared by Anneliese Mcauliffe and UNFPA Asia Pacific Regional Office

Behind the Scenes – Sri Lanka

The first-ever national survey on the prevalence of violence against women and girls in Sri Lanka.

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