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A self-paced, online version of the kNOwVAWdata course 

We have developed the kNOwVAWdata course content into a self-paced online version. The face to face course will be reoffered in mid-2023.

The course will be available in multiple languages from 2023 (including Russian, Spanish, French and Arabic). Translation has been funded with support from UNFPA and the Spotlight Initiative to End Violence Against Women.

Optional guided Zoom sessions will commence in February 2023.


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Face-to-face course: Looking for an in-person course delivery format? Find out more about the Face-to-face Course option, or keep reading below to learn about the online course.

Online Course Overview 

Online learning is best divided into short chunks of information and activities. We have taken all of the critical components of the four week face to face course and created four stand-alone subjects.

While the subjects can be taken separately, those who complete the four subjects will have completed the critical content of the face to face kNOwVAWdata course. Participants successfully completing the full course (all four subjects) including all activities and course assessments to a suitable level will receive a professional development certificate awarded by the University of Melbourne. Those who successfully complete the full course will be eligible to be included in the register of kNOwVAWdata trained specialists.

Subject 1

Gender Awareness (pre-requisite for subjects 2, 3 and 4)

Subject 2

Introduction to Researching Violence Against Women

Subject 3

Prevalence Data and Other Quantitative Measures of Violence Against Women

Subject 4

From Data to Action: Interpreting and Reporting on Violence Against Women for Policy and Practice

Participants can start any time

Course Structure

Learning online makes learning more accessible for many people, however we also recognise that online learning has some challenges. It can be difficult to stay motivated when you are isolated from other course participants, and it may be difficult to know if you are progressing at a good pace, and fully understanding the content.

To support participants across all time-zones, and best simulate face to face learning, we offer the following:

  • The online course is self-paced. This means that participants can undertake their study at times best suited for them to fit with global time zones, work and life commitments.
  • Live virtual workshop/tutorials with course leaders and regional mentors will be offered weekly during University teaching terms.
  • Course cohort membership is offered to facilitate group learning. This means that you can join a group of participants who commence on similar dates and in the same geographic region. You may meet virtually, or F2F if you are located in the same area. Group learning activities are encouraged.
  • Critical topic synchronous sessions (live group sessions) will be scheduled to support learning of critical and complex topics.
  • All live sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person.

Online Learning

Online learning is different to face to face learning. Exercises that work in person don’t always translate across to a virtual format. We’ve therefore redeveloped the face to face content into formats suitable for online delivery. Learning is supported by videos of experts in the field, previous course participants, exercises, short answer responses, and quizzes.

The course is delivered using the University of Melbourne Mobile Learning Unit software which was established to interconnect Academics and Researchers with Healthcare Professionals for Continuing Professional Development.

We have found this model of online learning is suitable for busy professionals who find it difficult to find time to undertake continuing education and therefore suitable for the kNOwVAWdata online course.

The software is suitable for low bandwidth and can be accessed on computers, tablets and phones.

Online Course Cohorts

The greatest features of the F2F kNOwVAWdata course are the live critical conversations, peer to peer learning, and formation of supportive, collaborative professional relationships. Our past participants continue to support one another post-course.

For the online course we will be simulating peer to peer learning with virtual tutorials and course cohorts. Course cohorts will be organised geographically to accommodate time zone differences. Once you enrol you will be offered the option to join a course cohort.

Cohort membership is in addition to the weekly live tutorials.

Hear from our students

Gina Houng Lee
2021 course participant, Fiji

Hear from Gina Houng Lee, one of our alumni course participants, talk about her experience and what she gained from the kNOwVAWdata course.


Fees for the online course

$2,250 AUD (excl. GST)

Discounted full course fee (all four subjects)

OR separately

$800 AUD (excl. GST)

Per individual subject
(Subjects 2, 3 and 4)

$0 AUD

For Subject 1: Gender Awareness when taken concurrently with another subject

Subject 1: Gender Awareness is a pre-requisite for subjects 2, 3 and 4, and is included without charge

Payment is due after acceptance to the course and before the course begins.

Discounts are available for bulk enrolments of 3 or more people. Please contact us for more information.

Fees include:

  • Participation in the full training delivered by University of Melbourne researchers, UNFPA, regional mentors and national and international guest lecturers
  • Access to an online learning portal and all course materials
  • During the course, access to online engagement with the facilitators and tutors
  • 4 hours of post-course mentoring and support
  • Post-course membership of the online community of practice for measuring violence against women

Fees do not include:

  • Any local costs for accessing the course such as purchase of a suitable electronic device
  • Any local costs for venue or internet access

Where do the course fees go?

Development of the kNOwVAWdata face to face and online courses were supported by UNFPA with funding from Australian Aid. The program has been designed to ensure the course is self-sustaining so that donor funds are not required long-term, and that the course can be continually updated.

The online course in particular is affordable and accessible globally.

Participant fees are charged at the minimum amount for the program to be self-sustaining and reinvested to cover:

  • teaching salaries
  • ongoing development of the course and course materials, including contribution from international experts and previous course participants
  • coaching of local and regional leaders to become mentors and teachers in the course
  • localising course mentorships
  • development of additional modules (two are currently under development: capacity building in administrative data sets, and best practice to measure violence experienced by children and young people)

Enquiries and Application

For further enquiries about the online course, please contact the course convenors by filling out the enquiry form below.

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To apply for and enrol in the online course, click the Apply Online button below. You will be asked to upload a copy of your most recent CV alongside your application.


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